Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney Playhouse Live

This Sunday, Tyler and I went to watch Disney Playhouse Live. It was so much fun. He was so excited and counted down tthe days, then the hours. I will share some pics.

Here is Mickey:

Here is Handy Manny and all his tools:

Tigger and Pooh:

The Little Einsteins and their rocket:

Tyler with his souveneirs:

The Mickey Mouse Playhouse crew doing the "Hot Dog" dance:
The finale:

We had so much fun. And the absolute best part of all, when we got home and I was unbickeling Tyler out of his car seat, he looked up at me with the sweetest smile and said "Mom, thank you so much for taking me there." How sweet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, I still haven't gotten the chance to play much with my KNK yet, but I have been reading through all the manuals and paperwork to try to familiarize myself with everything. Things seem to have been crazy busy. Last week, I had Britt at the doctors. She has some problem with her shoulder, so they did some x-rays and are waiting to schedule an MRI. While we were there, they did a strep test. The quick one in the office came back negative and they called me the next day to say the overnight test was also negative. Then they called me Wednesday and said yes, it finally turned positive. Then, Tyler had his four year old check up this Monday. He is doing very well, but the doctor says she sees signs of tooth decay so he needs to see a dentist asap. So I am working on finding one I am comfortable with. He also got two shots. He wasn't very happy about it, but did a great job. Although, that night, he screamed like he was having his arm ripped off when Daddy took off the band aid.

Over the weekend, we found a new car. I had been wanting to upgrade from my Explorer to something with third row seating for a little while now. We had been looking, but not really finding anything I cared for that was in our price range. Well, I found a Suburban listed on Craig's list that was only right down the street from us. So we looked it over and had my dad (my mechanic) check it over. He said it was a great deal. So I am now driving it, lol. I am so happy with it.

Not much scrappy going on, so I figured I would catch up by posting pics of a couple layouts I did last week. Here they are:

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My new cutter is finally here. I can't wait to take the time to play with it. But first I want to finish the crop over at YMBD because otherwise I will get sidetracked and end up getting nothing done. If you are looking for some scrappy inspiration, come on over and check it out. It is definitely hoopping.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crop Tonight

The crop at YMBD starts at 7 tonight, but there are precrop challenges listed already. I am finishing up housework and can't wait to settle in and get started!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crop tomorrow

I can't wait for the crop to begin. We are having another crop over at YMBD. This is the March Members Take Over Crop. Not all the details are posted yet, but for this crop, the members post the challenges and games, and you decide what and how much you want to participate. The crop there are so much fun and it is a really crazy group of ladies, so I know we will have so much fun all weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SSOOO Excited!

I am so excited! I always try to participate in the Saturday Scraplift Challenge over at YMBD. I love the site, the ladies, the challenges, and Cat is so great over there. Anyway, I usually participate and don't expect to win anything, even though it is a random draw, lol. But this week, my layout below, won! And my layout is on the blog! I got a $5.00 gift certificate for the store so of course I had to hurry up and send it as I can never have enough of her stuff. So then, I go to the store, and another one of my layout is right on the front page where she adds layouts where customers have used her products. She has my Chuck E Cheese layout of Tyler, titled Fun. I used her mini notebook page journaling spots. Just another of her MANY great products! That just totally made my whole week!

Bloggy Giveaway

A lovely friend directed me to the Altered Geisha's site. She is currently having a great giveaway. While you are there, check out her projects. They are amazing. Here is the link:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Paper Deal

I had been wanting to try a scrapbook kit, but was hesitant to sign up for a membership to one. I did not want to pay the money for some of the kits that had things I didn't like or wouldn't use. So I shopped around and looked for a site that I could purchase a past kit without a membership. I found a great site, Coordinates Collections, that offered just that. I purchase two of their past kits (around 10.00 apiece) and added on a pp grab bag pack for 1.00. Boy was I surprised when I opened it up! The papers were great! So, on my next order, I bought 16 more, lol. For 1.00 you get 10 different pp's. Great manufactures, alot of double sided, die cut paper, and even a Prima Paintable. Here are pics of just four of the packages I got this last time. Some did have duplicates, but the papers are so great, I am not complaining. Now I can use bith sides.

The kits I got were also packed full and beautiful. If you are looking some paper, a kit, or just something different, check it out. Her 1.00 and under clearance section is great too- bling, paper, die cut papers. Here is the link:
If you decide to order, please mention I referred you. I just saw on the home page that they have a referral program. My user name there is also Shawnsgirl315.

New Cutter Machine

I am SO excited. I have been wanting an electroinc die cutter for a while, but there are so many out there, it was hard to decide which one I wanted. I knew I wanted one that would cut full 12x12 papers and also thicker materials. Then I could make so many things I see, but when I want, the colors I want, and one at a time instead of buying a pack with a dozen when I only need one. So I have been reading alot of message boards and different online sources and found a machine I hadn't really heard much about. After some reasearch, it seems to be everything I wanted and more. The company has exceptional customer service- they answered EVERY question I had and even were willing to say that the less expensive model had everything I needed and the bigger one was nice, but not necessary for my purposes. I really like that there was no push to upsell. So I finally ordered one yesterday. My new Klik N Kut Groove machine will be on it's way shortly! I can't wait to play.

New Punch

I wanted to share a new punch that I found. I actually bought two different styles, but I love the versatility of this design. One punch can do borders, squares, two size circles, and ovals. And the best part, I found them at Hobby Lobby where their punches were 50% off this week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wanna win some stamps....

Here is a link for the cutest Easter stamps from Starving Artistamps. Check out there stuff. It is just adorable and you can enter to win a free set just by spreading the word.