Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrapbook Challenges Crop Layouts

Scrapbook challenges had a crop this weekend and we had until tonight to get things finished and uploaded. I guess there is nothing like waiting until the last minute, lol. The theme of the crop was to use up some old stash items, so each layout has a requirement for what needs to be on it. Here are the layouts I managed to complete.

This was done with one of the monthly sketches from their site. Not for the crop, but I wanted to post it anyway. This is Tyler's new form of bathtub entertainment. He likes to have a double bubble bath. He blows bubbles while in a bubble bath, lol. And it was so cute. I had this layout almost done, but just felt like it needed something else. So I walked away and let it sit. Then I would come back and move things, look again, play with other items, leave it, look again. Tyler asked what I was doing and why I didn't finish it. I told him I couldn't find something that looked right to use on here. He went to his candy bowl and brought me back the purple ribbon, layed it on the layout exactly where it is now, and said- there, that matches. It was a tie around the bag of one of his Christmas chocolates, lol. I love that he can see creative ways for me to use non-scrappy items and he was so proud to contribute to "his" page.

This layout was for the use your old, small flowers. I had plenty, so that was not a problem. I used an old 52 sketches for the design. And since I was digging through so much old stash, I included a few other older items on also- the metal flower, the green swirly clip, and the old chipboard letters. These are pictures of Tyler at Avery's birthday party. He enjoyed it so much, we decided to have his party there also.

This is my layout for the challenge to use up some really old embellishments. You also got a bonus entry if you tried a technique out of your comfort zone. First, I never do two page layouts anymore, so I tried that with this one. Also, I stamped, colored, and cut the holly, stockings, and presents emellishements and then clustered them with pop dots. The teddy bear and two tags were items I have had for several year that I had received in swaps. I used alot of the old flowers on this page also. I also pulled out the two punch outs, the metal photo turns, and the bookplate that I wrote the year in. These photos are from the get together we had at Stephanie's for the kids to decorate christmas cookies.

This layout was created for the sticker challenge. The requirement was to use at least five of the older style, flat stickers. I used the gingerbread and wreath stickers. I matted them on red circles that I inked with white, then rematted with white and inked with red. The picture is of Tyler's visit with Santa this year. He had been very specific about what he wanted for Christmas- hot wheels, real tools, and a toy motor and pressure washer. So I was very surprised when he came back and told me he told Santa he wanted hot wheels and a bb gun. I was relieved to find out later that he meant a nerf gun, lol.

This was for the chipboard challenge. I have a ton, so I was definitely glad for the push to use some. It was just plain chipboard, so I swirled blue and white paint together, then sponged it on without completely mixing the paint. IRL the shades of blue are very swirly. This year, we decided to take the kids to some of the local activities for New Years Eve. I took these pictures of Tyelr playing around while we were waiting for Brittany to finish watching a play.

Monday, January 25, 2010

YEAH! I won!

What a great way to start off the week. I just read that I won the wonderful candy Piali over at her Touch of Creation blog.

Check out the goodies here:

And winner reuseable supplies like stamps are so nice, cause you never end up "using up" your candy. It just keeps lasting. I can't wait to play with this!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A couple older layouts

This is just a group of layouts that I did, but missed that challenge deadlines and never uploaded yet. They were all done using sketches, but after the deadlines, I pitched the list of challenges so I am not sure where they were from.

These are pictures I took of Tyler helping dad take the training wheels off of his bike. He was so excited and Tyler loves any excuse to pull out the tools.

This is another pocture from out afternoon at the park. I love watching Tyler just have fun.

This was done using a sketch from Coordinates Collections. The journaling reads- Anytime you watch the other kids do something, you insist on trying to do the same. Riding a skateboard was no different. You even took it one step farther by jacking it up and jumping off the jack stands.

More pictures from our afternoon at the park.

Another park picture. This one as you and Anrew ran around the duck pond. I am so glad you have found a friend to be able to do these things with.

This is a picture of Shawn standing at the edge of a cliff when we spent the weekend up at Lake Erie. It was so beautiful there. I used a Sketchy Thursdays sketch for this layout.


This layout was done using a sketch from Scrapbook Challenges.

This is a picture of Tyler popping the bubbles that I was blowing while he was taking a bubble bath. The journaling on this layout reads- I love to watch how much you delight in the little everyday things in life. It does not take much to make you smile. You have a truly happy personality. I hope that is something you can carry with you throughout life. Just watching you, seeing you smile, finding joy in all the little things, reminds me that I should sometimes follow your lead and just have fun!

Letting Go

This layout was made using a sketch from Simply Scrapping Crafts.

These were pictures I took the first day we took the training wheels off of Tyler's bike. He was so excited to try riding a two wheeler. He had no fear at all. My baby boy is actually big enough to ride a two wheel bike now- where does the time go. I was actually able to snap these the first time dad let go and Tyler wiped out. But he got right back up and took off again.

On this layout, you really can't see in the photo well, but alot of the circle on the patterned paper are glittered. I used a YMBD vellum journaling spot. And I cut the start out of foam and felt, layered or buttoned them and popped them up with pop dots for added dimension.


This layout was made using a sketch from Challenge Heaven.

This is a picture of Tyler walking into the water down at the duck pond. We had had a nice afternoon at the park with one of his friends and the water proved to be just to tempting for him. He pulled up his pant legs and walked right in! If only we could all just always enjoy the moment and be so carefree.

All Wrapped Up

This layout was done using this months one page sketch at Coordinates Collections.

These are pictures of Tyler as he opened his gift from Aunt Kim and David. They bought him some mystery hot wheels. David thought it would be a great idea to make Tyler work fir his gifts. Each of the hot wheels was wrapped in four layers of paper, each TOTALLY sealed with tape. Then, they were put into a larger box with balled up paper and the box was totally sealed. Rather than get frusterated with all the tape, Tyler went to the kitchen and got a butter knife. While struggling to open one of the cars, the plastic handle on the knife broke in half and the part not in his hand went flying into the tree. This was definitely a memory that I wanted to get scrapped and preserved, lol.
On this layout I hand cut the christmas tree, drew in the lights string and used tiny bling for the individual bulbs. I used a YMBD journaling spot and tied some ribbon through the holes. I inked the arrow red and then covered with ice stickles for some bling.

Catching Up

So, today I am trying to get some layouts posted and added to the challenges that they were completed for. As I do that, I am going to try to post them here and share. So here is the first for today:

This was completed using this week's sketch at Sketchy Thursdays. I am really liking their sketches. They definitely allow the focus to remain on the photo and the story it tells. This is a pic of Tyler opening the hot wheels garage playset he got from my dad. He is actually hugging the box. After he opened it, he told grandpa- This is exactly what I wanted that I forgot to ask Santa for, lol. He is so funny sometimes.

I'll be back with more later.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's been awhile....

And I have some posting to do to catch up with some scrappy stuff, but I just wanted to share a link for some great candy. Check it out at Posh Designs Scrapbook Store blog.