Saturday, February 28, 2009


We had been discussing how much cardstock we own over at YMBD. I have mine mixed in the folders with my pp, so I didn't pull it out to check, but I know I have a bit, but of very few variety of colors. So that reminded me of a store I had heard about that sells cs by the pound. So, since my plans for the weekend got cancelled, I asked Shawn if he was up for a road trip to check it out. Being the great guy he is, he says fine, but you better buy enought to make it worth the trip, like a trunk load full, lol. Well, as we pull in, Shawn tells Tyler- we are at mommy's heaven. Then we go in and I am trying to fight the crowd and I am trying to grab two sheets of every color to start with. This obviously was taking to much time for him, so he says- just grab a stack of all of them. So, I ended up getting almost 24 pounds of paper which translates in a stack almost seven inches tall.

I also got two packs of brads for 1.00 each and three sheets ($1.00 each) this really neat magnetic paper that is already sticky and has sticker film on the front. And since we were out so far, dh bought a new laptop. Something we have really been needing as the screen on our old one has a two inch area across the bottom that the pixels are blown out as he tried to clean the screen by spraying the cleaner directly on it and it leaked insode through the corner. Then Tyler picked off some of the number keys. And I had secretly been hoping he would do this soon as he told me to go ahead and fins the computerixed cutter that I want, but it would be really hard to use if you can't see the bottom of the image, lol. So now I am off to find where I am going to purchase that from.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Scrap Room

I am finally about as done as I can be with organizing and rearranging my new scrap room as I can be for right now. I am so excited to have my own space, just for me and my stuff. That is such a thrilling feeling. Now I can't wait to get busy using it. Here are some before pics, when I had everything pulled out that needed to find a home somewhere in this room.

And here are the pictures after everything is done:

If only I could just hide in here for the rest of my life.


Well, the last few days have been super busy. The main thing stealing all of my time was the problems with our refrigerator. It was working imtermittenly for several days, so Shawn called the repair show and they gave him two cheap and one expensive part that could be the problem. He replaced both the easy ones, and it worked for several hours, but shut off again overnight. So, after talking about it, we decided the repair cost would be almost as much as replacing it. So then I spent many hours online and on the phone trying to figure out what we wanted. We finally found one Friday, and picked it up Saturday afternoon. So that problem has been taken off the list. Tyler is really enjoying preschool and was quite upset to find out that they were closed on the weekend. He is very much looking forward to returning tomorrow. I have also made major progress on getting my scrap room reorganized and finished. I am almost there. It is not painted, but I am putting everything up and I am loving it so far. It is so much better than the small corner of the bedroom that I used to have. I can't believe I used to be able to fit all my stuff in that space.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, I would definitely say Tyler enjoyed his first day of school. I had to fight with him to leave cause he was in line to go back to the gym, so even though I had sissy with me to pick him up, we had to wait while he made a couple more laps on the bike. He said he really liked the kids. But we did have a couple interesting stories the first day. I had called at nap time to see how he was handeling that as he doesn't nap at home. The teacher said he wasn't sleeping, but was layong down and she told me one of the helpers makes her rounds patting the kids backs and trying to get them to relax. Well, the teacher mentioned that he did cry a little at naptime before he fell asleep. Tyler then was telling Brittany that there was a lady that was smacking him- like this, as he smacked the back of his head- when he had to lay down. When he first said that, my stomach dropped, but as he continued to talk, I remembered the teacher mentioning the patter lady and went up to him, patted his back, and asked him if that was what she had done. He said yes, exactly. Then, he was telling me he didn't want to go back tomorrow as the teacher kept telling him really bad, mean things all day. I asked him what exactly she was saying to him so that I could tell her not to say it again. He then proceeded to tell me that she kept telling him to sshhhhhh all day long. So, we had some complaints, but nothing legit, and he decided he would like to go back to play with his friends tomorrow. So, I have a whole day for me. Shawn says he is looking forward to when I can have a whole scrappy day here and there as he thinks that will make me more pleasant. I think he is right, lol. So, tonight I am off to finsh rearranging/reorganizing/decorating in my scrap room.
Well, today got off to a busy start. I was getting Tyler ready for his first day of school and Shawn called. He had forgotten his wallet at home this morning and needed me to meet him to drop it off. I did that and took Tyler to school. As soon as we got there, he started getting nervous. When the first doors that we tried were locked, he suggested we got sit in the car and warm up for a little bit. Well, we found the right doors and were directed to his classroom. The preschool is on the bottom floor of the elementary school, so he did like being in school with the "big kids". When we got to the classroom, the teacher introduces herself and Tyler instantly buried his face in my leg. The other kids immediately started coming up to him and asking him to play. He was so shy and told them he just wanted to watch. So then, they brought almost every toy in the room over by him to try to get him to join in. As I filled out the paperwork, he slowly ventured farther from my side. After about fifteen minutes, the teacher told them to sit on the carpet and they would take attendance. Tyler sat at the very edge with his head down. This was making me a little nervous as he has never been away from us other than with my mother and father and it took him a long time to even stay there without his sister. But, when the teacher said they were going to go next door, to an empty classroom set up with bikes and peddle card, his eyes instantly lit up and he got in line. She offered him the chance to stay with me a little while longer, but I only got a quick peck as he hurried out the door. After I fininshed the paperwork, I peeked in the window of the classroom that they were in. As I stood there frantically waving and reluctant to leave, the other children that were waving back to me told Tyler I was there. All I got was a quick glance over his shoulder with a great big grin. So then I left. I was worrying all day how he would do with nap time and was seriously considering picking him up before then as he does not nap at home. I called the classroom and the teacher said he was doing really well, and although he wasn't sleeping, he was resting quietly and had had a very good day so far. So I guess I will leave him to enjoy his afternoon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great News

We just got the call this afternoon that Tyler will be starting preschool tomorrow. I thought he would be SSOOO excited as he has been begging and bugging every day since his birthday to go, but when I told him, he wasn't really interested. He crawled up on my lap and said "I don't want to talk about it now, I am watching tv." I hope os not starting to get nervous. The great part is, the school is literally right in our back yard. We will just walk right out past the garage and into the parking lot, so I will be very close if he needs me. I can't wait to see how this is going to work, he really needs the interaction with kids his age. And he is very smart and has been excited about going to school to learn new things. He even learned how to write his own name to be prepared. And selfishly, I am kinda thrilled at the idea of having a few days back to myself. It has been almost 14 years. But I also have that tron heart feeling of knowing my last baby is heading out the door. But I know he is ready- all I have to do is look at his face as he sees the other kids coming and going from the school every day. The look of yearning is very noticable. Here's hoping all goes well.

My First Blog Entry

So I finally decided to break down and start a blog. I really did not think that I would ever have anything going on umportant enough to blog about, but then I read a post on someone elses. She was reflecting on her blogging anniversary and referred to some older posts about small events and memories she had documented that otherwise she might have forgotten about. It was then that I realized, my blog didn't have to be world changing news that everyone else cared about, just a great little space for things that I did care about. So this will be my little corner of the blog world to document my part of the story and hopefully share a bit of my life. This will be my space to save all the everyday memories that are so cute you want to share, but small enought that you don't have to call your whole family to spread the news. It will also be a great place to show the scrappy pages me and Brittany are finally starting to do together.