Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Paper Deal

I had been wanting to try a scrapbook kit, but was hesitant to sign up for a membership to one. I did not want to pay the money for some of the kits that had things I didn't like or wouldn't use. So I shopped around and looked for a site that I could purchase a past kit without a membership. I found a great site, Coordinates Collections, that offered just that. I purchase two of their past kits (around 10.00 apiece) and added on a pp grab bag pack for 1.00. Boy was I surprised when I opened it up! The papers were great! So, on my next order, I bought 16 more, lol. For 1.00 you get 10 different pp's. Great manufactures, alot of double sided, die cut paper, and even a Prima Paintable. Here are pics of just four of the packages I got this last time. Some did have duplicates, but the papers are so great, I am not complaining. Now I can use bith sides.

The kits I got were also packed full and beautiful. If you are looking some paper, a kit, or just something different, check it out. Her 1.00 and under clearance section is great too- bling, paper, die cut papers. Here is the link:
If you decide to order, please mention I referred you. I just saw on the home page that they have a referral program. My user name there is also Shawnsgirl315.


YMBD said...

Ok, I need to go shopping!

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

I like your blog!! :) I'm yeyioasis from the CC forum.

Jennifer said...

I think that the Coordinates Collections Kits are the absolute best...I have yet to be disappointed!!