Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very busy weekend here. We started off with tons of craziness on Saturday. We took Tyler to an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning. Then we came back home so I could finish making my candy. Shawn took Tyler outside to play while he was replacing the motor thing on the power window of my car cause it wouldn't roll up all the way. I had just brought Tyler in for some hot chocolate when I heard Shawn start screaming outside that we had to go to the emergency room. The spring loaded piece on the motor had released and caught his pointer finger knuckle and went clean through to the bone. So off we go to the er for the next five hours. That was crazy. Five hours to get stitches. We walked in dripping blood everywhere and he had already stopped bleeding by the time they got around to him. I finally got back home and situated to finish the candy around nine thirty. By that time it was so late I couldn't even say forget and just go buy some. So candy consumed me until four am.

But it was worth it when I watched everyone's faces when they got it.

Here is a pic of the bucket I did for Tyler with lots of trucks and dinosaurs.
Here is my nephews bucket.
And my niece's bucket.
And the one I made my grandmother. Here's has a garden theme with lots of flowers and a watering can.
Here is a pic of Tyler's delivery from the Easter Bunny. Minus the chocolate that I kept in the fridge.
And here is Tyler checking out all his goodies Easter morning.

We had a very busy Easter day. We visited my fathers family, then my mothers family, then back to our house for dinner here, we took dinner to Shawn's father, then to my grandmother and great-grandmother. I love the holidays, but sometimes I also love when they are over, lol.

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CJandErik said...

Sorry to hear about Shawn's finger, I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.