Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow! Busy weekend!

Thursday was Brittany's last day of school, so we decided to give Tyler Friday off too. We were going to go to lunch with some friends of mine, but that fell through, so we decided to just do some fun stuff. We went to the park in the afternoon. I got a ton of pictures of them, but haven't uploaded them yet. Then Britt went to here dad's and Shawn and I took Tyler to a local car show. He really had a blast cause he saw a car that had raced on his favorite tv show- Pinks. That really impressed him.

Then we got up Saturday morning and went to the Touch-A-Truck event at the park. They had all kinds of trucks and vehicles the kids could climb in, beep the horns on, and just have a ton of fun. Here are a few pics from there.

Tyler after he buckled himself into the back seat of the police car.
Tyler when he was playing with the police car siren.
Tyler playing with the microphone in the radio station van.
Beeping the horn in the mail car.
The tractor tire that was bigger than Tyler.

We ran into CJ and Andrew out there and ended up heading back to her house after lunch to help get stuff ready for Erik's birthday party the next day. Tyler had so much fun. He stayed overnight at my mom's and she said he slept good that night.
On Saturday I had to run to pick Britt up from her dad's because she had to play with the marching band at commencement for the high school. After dropping her off, we ran to Boardman to pick up something for Erik, then picked Tyler up on the way to the party. We spent the rest of the day out there and everyone had a ton of fun.
Thankfully, today was kinda a day to catch up. Britt had an MRI on her shoulder this morning so we are waiting for the results from that. But not much else today.

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