Friday, May 22, 2009


I am so glad this week is just about over. Tyler's eye continued to get worse Thursday, but then in the late afternoon it suddenly started to clear up. He was happy because he would be able to go back to school today. Yesterday, the class took a walk around the block. Well, we live right behind the school, so when they got to our house, I had twenty little ones in the front yard yelling "Tyler M. where are you? Why are you not at school?" So then Tyler went to the window and told them about his yucky eye and that he would be back today. That was so sweet that his little friends thought of him and it just really made his day to know they missed him. So then, we wake up this morning to a change of plans. He now has the yucky eye stuff in his other eye. I was so looking forward to finally being able to get some running done. So we are going to only do the necessary stuff then come hang out at home til daddy gets home. Then he can deal with him for awhile. I also actually finished five layouts Tuesday night, but still haven't been able to photo them to post. Hopefully later.

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