Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tyler woke up this morning acting very funny. He didn't want to get up, and even after we got ready and took Britt to school, he kept telling me "I just don't want to move yet Mommy." When I got him his breakfast, his eye looked a little puffy and when I looked closer, his eyelashes were all crusty like they had been stuck together. Well, he didn't want to eat and by 9:30 I knew he wasn't going to school. He wouldn't even get off the chair. His eye just kept gushing gooey green stuff. So I called the doctor. She said that with the other sinus/cold stuff he is just getting over, he probably has a cold in his eye. But by the time the doctor called me back, about twenty minutes later, his eye was swollen halfway closed and really bloodshot. So she called me in some prescription eyedrops. So he was pretty ok about taking them. He is such a little trooper. I just hope he feels better tomorrow. He felt so wore out today, he didn't even make a mess all day.