Saturday, February 28, 2009


We had been discussing how much cardstock we own over at YMBD. I have mine mixed in the folders with my pp, so I didn't pull it out to check, but I know I have a bit, but of very few variety of colors. So that reminded me of a store I had heard about that sells cs by the pound. So, since my plans for the weekend got cancelled, I asked Shawn if he was up for a road trip to check it out. Being the great guy he is, he says fine, but you better buy enought to make it worth the trip, like a trunk load full, lol. Well, as we pull in, Shawn tells Tyler- we are at mommy's heaven. Then we go in and I am trying to fight the crowd and I am trying to grab two sheets of every color to start with. This obviously was taking to much time for him, so he says- just grab a stack of all of them. So, I ended up getting almost 24 pounds of paper which translates in a stack almost seven inches tall.

I also got two packs of brads for 1.00 each and three sheets ($1.00 each) this really neat magnetic paper that is already sticky and has sticker film on the front. And since we were out so far, dh bought a new laptop. Something we have really been needing as the screen on our old one has a two inch area across the bottom that the pixels are blown out as he tried to clean the screen by spraying the cleaner directly on it and it leaked insode through the corner. Then Tyler picked off some of the number keys. And I had secretly been hoping he would do this soon as he told me to go ahead and fins the computerixed cutter that I want, but it would be really hard to use if you can't see the bottom of the image, lol. So now I am off to find where I am going to purchase that from.

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