Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, I would definitely say Tyler enjoyed his first day of school. I had to fight with him to leave cause he was in line to go back to the gym, so even though I had sissy with me to pick him up, we had to wait while he made a couple more laps on the bike. He said he really liked the kids. But we did have a couple interesting stories the first day. I had called at nap time to see how he was handeling that as he doesn't nap at home. The teacher said he wasn't sleeping, but was layong down and she told me one of the helpers makes her rounds patting the kids backs and trying to get them to relax. Well, the teacher mentioned that he did cry a little at naptime before he fell asleep. Tyler then was telling Brittany that there was a lady that was smacking him- like this, as he smacked the back of his head- when he had to lay down. When he first said that, my stomach dropped, but as he continued to talk, I remembered the teacher mentioning the patter lady and went up to him, patted his back, and asked him if that was what she had done. He said yes, exactly. Then, he was telling me he didn't want to go back tomorrow as the teacher kept telling him really bad, mean things all day. I asked him what exactly she was saying to him so that I could tell her not to say it again. He then proceeded to tell me that she kept telling him to sshhhhhh all day long. So, we had some complaints, but nothing legit, and he decided he would like to go back to play with his friends tomorrow. So, I have a whole day for me. Shawn says he is looking forward to when I can have a whole scrappy day here and there as he thinks that will make me more pleasant. I think he is right, lol. So, tonight I am off to finsh rearranging/reorganizing/decorating in my scrap room.

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