Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, today got off to a busy start. I was getting Tyler ready for his first day of school and Shawn called. He had forgotten his wallet at home this morning and needed me to meet him to drop it off. I did that and took Tyler to school. As soon as we got there, he started getting nervous. When the first doors that we tried were locked, he suggested we got sit in the car and warm up for a little bit. Well, we found the right doors and were directed to his classroom. The preschool is on the bottom floor of the elementary school, so he did like being in school with the "big kids". When we got to the classroom, the teacher introduces herself and Tyler instantly buried his face in my leg. The other kids immediately started coming up to him and asking him to play. He was so shy and told them he just wanted to watch. So then, they brought almost every toy in the room over by him to try to get him to join in. As I filled out the paperwork, he slowly ventured farther from my side. After about fifteen minutes, the teacher told them to sit on the carpet and they would take attendance. Tyler sat at the very edge with his head down. This was making me a little nervous as he has never been away from us other than with my mother and father and it took him a long time to even stay there without his sister. But, when the teacher said they were going to go next door, to an empty classroom set up with bikes and peddle card, his eyes instantly lit up and he got in line. She offered him the chance to stay with me a little while longer, but I only got a quick peck as he hurried out the door. After I fininshed the paperwork, I peeked in the window of the classroom that they were in. As I stood there frantically waving and reluctant to leave, the other children that were waving back to me told Tyler I was there. All I got was a quick glance over his shoulder with a great big grin. So then I left. I was worrying all day how he would do with nap time and was seriously considering picking him up before then as he does not nap at home. I called the classroom and the teacher said he was doing really well, and although he wasn't sleeping, he was resting quietly and had had a very good day so far. So I guess I will leave him to enjoy his afternoon.

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